This maintenance program guarantees the durability of your instruments. Thus, avoiding you to replace them because of a defect, a shock, etc..

NB: It is necessary to sterilize used instruments before sending them (a sterilization sheet must be attached to the instruments) to the following address :

410 rue Louis Mouillard
66000 Perpignan

Upon receipt of instruments requiring maintenance, we carry out the inspection and evaluation and we then send you an repair estimate.

Once it has been validated, the procedure is as follows:

1 - Cleaning and lubrification

2 - Replacing the worn or missing part (screw, broken spring, active part of the instrument, etc.)

3 - Restoration and polishing

4 - Final adjustment to ensure the instrument is working properly

5 - Passivation

This maintenance program aims to guarantee the longevity of your instruments.

Attention !

Choose wisely the company that will repair your instruments:

example of a repair carried out by another service provider:


Example of a repair carried out at Fimco:

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