Our enterprise


FIMCO is a French company based in the North industrial zone of Perpignan.
The name FIMCO stands for "Fabrication d’Instruments de Micro-Chirurgie et d’Ophtalmologie" in french (meaning Manufacture of Instruments for Microsurgery and Ophthalmology), clearly describing the business of the company.
Our portfolio brings together more than 500 references. In the workshop are manufactured and assembled instruments of a surgical nature, ranging from common products in surgery to more technical products dedicated to ophthalmology.


In the 70s, FIMCO creator Jean-Pierre Bourroux, was working as an employee in a famous ophthalmological and microsurgical instruments producer in France. He then decided to create his own business and became self-employed in 1974 in Paris. This firm prospered and was taken back by Yves Guyard when his predecessor retired. It was delocalised to Le Boulou for development purposes.
Numerous ameliorations were added such as : numerical commands machines, polishing machines. New fabrication procedures were also added : traceability, crafting sheets, crossed-control of the instruments. This firm development have been constant, and in 2016, the firm doubled its size with a new building in Perpignan.

Our values

Passion :

We consider our instruments so much, they are like jewels to us that we perfect and polish to perfection.

Excellency :

We engage ourselves to meet surgeons expectations with high-quality instruments.

Trust :

Crafting knowledge, experience and new technologies are the basis of our instruments. They are checked and finished with a microscope. So that we guarantee high hand instruments that last and are resistant.

Innovation :

We collaborate with ophtalmological surgeons in order to improve our instruments and create new ones to match better market demand. Today, the result of this collaboration allows us to propose you a large range of ophthalmological and surgical instruments.

Culture :

Numerous instruments went missing on big producers crafting lists (such as in strabismus surgery), we propose and craft these must-have instruments.

Impact environnemental :

Find out how we are helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

Instruments production

Our team of 8 people is doing its best to meet our deadlines. Our machine room is composed of five numerical machines crafting instruments basis, they are managed by a single person, from programming to production launch. Once the basis of the instrument are done, they are polished by hand.
Then, follows a heat treatment. We assemble, sandblast them and they are ultimately finished by hand under our microscopes.

Branding and tracking :

We thoroughly follow our raw materials from their origin to the final product delivery. Hence our tracking system that allow us to identify every step of the instrument crafting as well as the raw materials used. Indeed, instruments have a range number laser-engraved. Our quality system guarantees that.