HOW TO EXTEND THE SERVICE LIFE OF FORCEPS TITANIUM-INOX RANGE and their sterilizable protection device

1 –Protection devices

The forceps in Titanium-Inox range are sold with their own sterilizable protection device. The design of the protection device allows you to clean, decontaminate, sterilize and store your forceps safely while they are inside it.

It would be unfortunate to throw them in the bin. do not throw in the trash

To enhance the protection durability, a few precautions must be observed :

Insertion :

The forceps should be maintened closed during the process. Insert forceps in the protection device at the first two ridges, then gently press linearly and verticaly until you hear «click» and move the strip on it.

Remove :

To remove forceps protection, move the strip aside, then hold the forceps between your thumb and middle finger to keep it closed, and push the protection device with your index finger or with the other hand; the protection is withdrawn without forcing. Always make a vertical linear motion, never rotate or lever with the forceps in the protection device to avoid damaging the fins.

In addition, there are different kinds of protection devices. Those designed for the Troutman or Bonn forceps are much lower than those designed for Capsulorhexis forceps. A Capsulorhexis forceps in a special Bonn forceps protection device would protrude and no longer be protected against shocks, which would cause deformation of the tips, or could break them.

For more details, visit our YouTube channel, a video demonstration is available. (activate English subtitles)

2 - Repairs


Indeed if the useful part was to break, it is possible to replace it. We provide repairs, refurbishment and insert replacements. This avoids performances impairing, and allows you to save money, the cost of repairs being significantly lower than a new instrument price.

All you have to do is send the forceps back to us in his protection device, we will do what is necessary. For more details see our page : instrument maintenance and repair.

3 - Manipulations

Reminder : The forceps must remain inside its protection during cleaning, decontamination, sterilization and storage phases.

The authorized persons to withdraw them are the operating aid or the surgeon during the surgical procedure.

Once the instrument is used, it is immediately put back into its protection and soaked in a decontaminating bath within 5 minutes after using it. Do not allow blood or tissue to dry on the instrument and its protection.

4 - Cleaning

When cleaning, be careful to use a soft bristle brush, and to brush in the direction of the branches to avoid damaging the end of the instrument, which is still very fragile.

Find the cleaning and sterilization instructions in the version i manual.